Experience the Life

It takes time to create new habits.  Repetition is essential, but most people will only repeat what they can understand and what can be done with others. Experience The Life takes people where they need to go for transformation to take place. It gives definition to the often evasive actions that are necessary to become like Jesus.
What Jesus believed means we hold a conviction that the life He described in the Sermon on the Mount is possible right now. This study will start you down the path of having a transformed heart and mind as you study deeply and come to believe as Jesus believed. The six sessions are...
Session 1: Redrawing Your Brain Map
Session 2: Recovering Biblical Truth
Session 3: Rebuilding the Gospel from the Ground Up
Session 4: Rediscovering the Good Life
Session 5: Renewing the Mind, Part 1: Ideas
Session 6: Renewing the Mind, Part 2: Emotions